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Exciting Way To Dance To The Rhythm

Instruments to dance to the Rhythm

Master how to dance to the rhythm, with this detailed, step-by-step approach. It features brilliant videos that explain all you need to know to be a great dancer.

1. What does rhythm mean in dance?

In a nutshell, that’s your ability to perform dancing steps on the music beats. For example, afro-Cuban dancers perfectly display how to dance to the rhythm, because they match the movements of their body to the way the music is played. Their coordination with the music is such that they can start as follower of the rhythm, and end as its master. If you look at this typical afro-Cuban dance, you will realise the dancer started by following the song, but then ended influencing its direction. That’s one of the reasons why it’s a fascinating pleasure to study improvised dances. 
And, although it can be a challenge to many dancers, there is an underlying secret hidden for those who can dance to the rhythm.

2. Little known secret of dance

People who can dance to the rhythm, to the point where they can change the course of a song (or anticipate the beats of a lyric they never heard before) experience a ‘trip to another dimension”. Indeed, there are many untapped possibilities to human being potential that can be revealed when you reach a trance. I have uncovered these potentials very often, where the essence of time disappeared beyond my very feet. I could be dancing for few seconds, reach a phase where I feel light and undisturbed. And when I come back to my normal self, it has already been 2 hours gone by. This secret place really worth visiting.

3. Can I be taught how to dance to the rhythm?

Absolutely. In fact, sometimes it’s better not to have any sense of rhythm. Because that way you can feel the experience I revealed earlier more violently. As opposed to someone who has been doing it since childhood and for whom it’s just a natural thing. However, and like for everything, you must have a method otherwise you will never reach the promise land.

3.1. First listen…

It might seem obvious, but a little-known secret to dance to the rhythm is to have great hearing for the music. You might think it’s obvious but many dancers cannot even count the beats of a song. That’s why I have developed an unbelievable and step-by-step guide to musical hearing. It does pertain to afro-Cuban dances such as rumba, son, chango or salsa, but the principle and philosophy is the same no matter the music style.
In the following example, I reveal how to listen to Cuban rumba which is one of the most popular dances of the island.

3.2. …Then apply

The second secret; which, for those who listen, read or watch my videos and posts is not hush-hush anymore; is to develop body movement. By the later, I mean the ability to “break” parts of your body in small pieces, that you then can gather together and mould the way you want it. Indeed, that’s what great dancers are able to achieve. First you need to learn how to isolate parts of your body. Then, you move them together in a coordinated way. That’s why, when I hear people mocking some African dances as not sophisticated, I in turn laugh. If only they knew. In my following video I show the initial body movement stage you can apply that will completely change your dancing game and help you reach an unbelievable level of body flexibility. I use this video everyday as it helps me warm-up and shape my body, as well as prevent injuries. It’s even the perfect for those who might do other sports.

From that small tutorial, you can then witness what I can achieve on a completely improvised setting. That’s what you call dance to the rhythm. It’s a small chango dance extract. Notice that I try to match my steps and whole-body movement to the sound of the drum.

3.3. Apply one with the other

I mentioned two key secrets to be able to dance on the rhythm. It is very important that when you listen to the music and train your ears, you try to do it with synchronised movements of your body. That way, you will teach the later to react differently to different parts of a song. As for the body movement part, it’s equally vital that you do that with music. If you practice these two aspects every day, in no time you will be able to integrate rhythm into your body.

4. Discover new, untapped materials

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