Cuban Dances

If you want a good guide of the best salsa music for beginners look no further. One of the key challenge beginners have in their salsa journey is to find the correct music to listen to in order to become great at salsa. The reason why it is important is because if you jump too fast into complicated salsa music, without a doubt you will struggle in your dancing. Another challenge beginners face is they cannot translate what they learn in the studio, on the dance floor. There are specific reasons for that and I will address these issues too. Finally, I will provide a practical guide into how to listen to these songs, so that you understand patterns, and are able to play on them.

The Ultimate Guide to Rueda Dance

Rueda dance or casino rueda is a dance form from Cuba that involves two or more couples. It is danced in a circular motion, like the wheels of a casino game. This is not only a great dance for fun, it also has many attributes that could be used for social networking or even team building activities in businesses.

Salsa dancing is a dance genre that was created in the US in the mid twentieth century. Its ancestors trace their roots back to the popular dances of Cuba in the beginning of that epoch with dances such as Son, Danzon, chachacha or mambo. Although in Cuba, casino is the dance form closer to salsa, it’s in the United states that the genre really took shape.

How to Master Cuban Rumba Dance

Cuban rumba dance is the most effective way for any dancers to develop great body movement and good hearing for music because of its heavy usage of the clave.

Cuban style salsa has flavour, power, is flirtatious …and doesn’t exist. Find out why.