Cuban Salsa

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The Great Benefits of Social Dancing

Social dancing is one of the most effective way to meet new people, find love, and even do great team building activities while having fun. A powerful and unsuspected tool for communication, social dancing has great positive effect for individuals and even businesses.

Cuban salsa

How to master these essential Cuban Salsa Moves

Cuban salsa moves are some of the most dazzling and free-spirited moves of salsa dances. but in order to master them you need to undergo a few steps. Ready?

If you want to learn Cuban salsa moves you must first know what music to listen to and how to listen to them. Did you know that Rumba was one of the dances that make up Cuban salsa moves?

I speak about rumba because the very first tip to master Cuban salsa moves is to listen to the right type of music according to your level.

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How to dance casino salsa marvellously

Casino salsa, a term that might draw ire from certain experts, is the salsa of Cuba. The dance draws its origins from Son, which was very popular at the beginning of last century.
The particularity of casino salsa is that it is danced in a circle motion with one of many couples (in which case it is called casino Rueda). I will show you the most common types of casino salsa moves and how they are performed.

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The Best Guide to Salsa Cuban Style

Salsa Cuban style is in my opinion the best salsa. Its’ not only playful and varied, it also serves as a great work-out that can compete with any regular sport activities.
The dance originated from Cuba and draw its essence from the many different afro-Cuban dancing styles of the country. With Abakua, rumba, chango, columbia you have the African style. With chachacha, son, Danzon and other kinds you get older popular styles.

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The Best Guide to The Different Cuban Dance Styles

Whenever one mentions Cuban dance, the first word that comes out most people’s mouth is salsa. Although the dance is very popular and a staple of the Cuban culture, what defines cuban dance is extraordinarily rich.
From contemporary and classical types to afro-Cuban dances such as chango, Abakua or more ballrooms types such as Son, Chachacha, mambo; the country can rightfully be considered the mecca or kingdom of dances.