Dance pose

Some people are fascinated by space. Others can’t keep their eyes off ants. As far as I am concerned, I am obsessed with dance and the movements of the body. Ever since I was five, I discovered that with certain moves you could unlock a sweeping power that brings an indescribable feeling of joy and freedom to your being. Although I waited for many years and the experiencing of many other activities, I finally decided to give-up everything and focus solely on dance. I started with salsa, which I found enticing. Then, I realised I was heavily drawn by the many forms of afro-Cuban dances. They all had something particular to offer, and they all seem to lead to the same place: the absolute freedom from your body and the realisation that something else is residing inside and within you. And you can experience this within few seconds. It is my strong desire that you also discover this potential; using all the practical tools I make available for you.